ECF's education and development program at Aleltu has come a long way since its humble beginnings. We have reached our initial goal of enrolling 500 children by 2010 and helping to bring improved development and conditions and sustainable behavior change among the surrounding communities. In the forthcoming years, additional children will be enrolled every year at ECF's Aleltu program. The following are the objectives and priority areas of assistance.

1. Child Sponsorships: The ECF program is growing, and it is extremely important to receive contributions by benefactors to help meet the basic program costs. As a first priority, ECF needs the assistance of individuals, businesses and other organizations to take up child sponsorships. This is the most direct and affordable route for individuals and businesses to get involved in a modest but meaningful way. Sponsors can choose to have direct relations and correspondence with the assisted children. US$45.00 per month or $540.00 per year for each student provides them with all basic needs.

2. An Endowment Fund: The ECF Village in Aleltu needs to sustain itself into the future as a platform for various programs. An endowment fund needs to be established to help cover the core recurring costs. ECF needs the assistance of philanthropists, foundations and businesses to help capitalize such a fund. ECF's objective is to establish an endowment fund of $2,500,000.

3. On-Site Resource Generation: ECF currently undertakes resource generation activities such as field crop production, horticulture and dairy production. ECF needs to expand the operation to include other resource generation activities such as milling, honey and poultry production, pottery and weaving. ECF seeks strategic partners to help develop, strengthen and expand these resource generation activities.

4. Local Economic Development Program: The poor rural and peri-urban communities around ECF Village in Aleltu need to be assisted to grow out of poverty through local economic development. ECF seeks an appropriate strategic partner to develop resources and operate with ECF a small business development program for the surrounding communities. It would also include literacy and other more basic life skills training.

5. Reproductive Health: ECF in partnership with the community and USAID has implemented an extensive community outreach and capacity building program in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention. Prevention interventions are focused on youth and undertaken on the basis of baseline research, best practices, consultations with community representatives and national strategies. Activities involve creative approaches such as peer-based education, community drama and workshops. ECF seeks a major HIV/AIDS healthcare corporation as a strategic partner to enable ECF Village to expand its prevention outreach to include assistance for primary health care in the areas of reproductive, respiratory and intestinal health.


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