Edouard St. Bris, PDG, Pierre Cardin, Paris, France; sponsor since 2000

I made the aquaintance of Anna Getaneh when she was working in Paris. I heard about her initiative at an early stage. Knowing her determination and deep commitment to help make a difference, I was confident that she would take the ECF initiative to fruition. She has been restless during many years of tremendous work until the school opened.

I have been lucky to see it and could not contain my admiration in front of the land and buildings which were only a dream a few years before. One year later I received photos showing a group of smiling boys and girls in their uniforms. The school was effectively rolling, and I was happy to sponsor some of the children. Since then, I secretly think to myself that one day, I might step further and teach some classes there, to fulfill a dream of further connecting with this ancient country, whose culture I always deeply admired.

Yeshi Shiferaw, Entrepreneur/Restauraunteur, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; sponsor since 2001

I learnt about the ECF initiative while I was living in London, prior to my return to Ethiopia. I was involved in the early stages, helping to raise funds through special events internationally. I have seen the creation of this project from the beginning, and am proud to have helped it happen because it is not easy and common to give back in this way. I have a relationship with a couple of children in the ECF sponsorship program, and it is very meaningful. I see regularly the dramatic change in the life of these children, and realize how much a difference one person can make.

Nancy Kistner, New York, USA; sponsor since 2002

Thanks to the remarkable dedication of Anna Getaneh and all those that contribute to ECF's vision and mission, the Ethiopian Children's Foundation has flourished in developing a thriving community of beautiful children who are growing in wisdom and experience.

Being a supporter and contributor to ECF has allowed me to adopt a child and give them the opportunity for development beyond what they would otherwise experience given their challenges.

My involvement in ECF is motivated by my belief that if children are given opportunities to learn and develop they will become the next generation of meaningful contributors to our global society.

Dr Tewodros Mequanent (MD) and Tigist Tatek (CA), Alberta, Canada; sponsor since 2003

It was so heart warming to see such disadvantaged and deprived rural children getting an unusual chance to go to school, and get basic meals and clothing.

The best thing you can give a child is education, the gateway for self-sufficiency. We highly commend Anna for her vision, and importantly, for bringing it to life, under difficult circumstances. She is giving so much back, and this inspires some of us in the Diaspora to do the same. We suggest that next time you are in Addis, visit the ECF program and discover how much good work is being done there. Being in the medical industry, we will help mobilize donations of much needed medical supplies, and advocate support for the ECF program.


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